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Prestegious band AG round the world.

Amrutam Gamay was born from an opportunity Amrutha & Abhirami, the popular singing sisters, got in the form of a music
session which was aired at Music Mojo by Kappa TV. Formed in the year 2015, the band had been successfully playing
throughout the state entertaining music lovers with their ‘happiness spreading’ music.

A 10 member band, AG predominantly plays peppy songs mixed with melodic ones adding some foot tapping fast numbers to
cater to a wide audience. Their videos on YouTube already got some ‘trending’ popularity and their performances bring a lot
of energy & entertainment. They're the first band to perform "Hava Nagila", an Israeli song with Indian instruments which led to a lot of applause from all over the world.

Having had performed in more than 200 stages, AG had staged shows both national and international. Their fan following and the
vibe of the performances bring on stage makes them one of the popular ‘in’ demand band for entertainment.

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