Siddharth Nagarajan-Amrutam Gamay

Siddharth N

Drummer / Percussionist

Siddharth Nagarajan born into a family of musicians and started performing at an age of 2 and a half years. He has been conferred with an honorary doctorate by the World Records University for fastest drumming. His first all India tour was at the age of 3. Worked with almost all the senior artists and legends of India.

He also holds the labels like “Asia’s Fastest Drummer (Asia Book of Records)”, “Limca India Book of Records”, “Indias Fastest KickBeat Drummer”, and lot more labels and awards. Siddharth adds beats and energy to AG and is known for his speed with sticks

He is identified and featured as “One of the 7 Geniuses of the World” by National Geographic Channel.

  • Guinness Book of World Records – The Most Drumbeats in a Minute Using Drumsticks (2109 beats)
  • Limca & India Book of Records – India’s Youngest Drummer
  • Limca & India Book of Records – India’s Youngest Musician to Record for a Film
  • Asia Book of Records – Asia’s Fastest Drummer [Most number of freestyle drumbeats (1906 beats) in a minute]
  • Maximum Kick beats in a Minute – Played 803 beats in a minute on the bass drum using only his feet


Siddharth Nagarajan, born in 1997 on the 25th of September to drummer, percussionist and cine rhythm programmer Nagi and singer Vidya, has been mesmerizing the audience around the world since the year 2000. Believe it or not, his first public performance was on 16th April 2000, when he was barely 2 years old – the performance that gave him a placement in the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS as the YOUNGEST DRUMMER OF INDIA.

Siddharth has always been amidst music, hailing from a family of musicians. His grandfather, Shri.G.Narayanan was a tabla player who worked with the legendary film music director, Shri.K.V.Mahadevan for more than 45 years. His father, Nagi is a leading rhythm programmer and percussionist in the South Indian Film Fraternity. His mother, Vidya Nagi, is a classically trained singer (both Carnatic and Hindustani) and his sister, Dhanashree is also a singer. Siddharth is the 3rd generation percussionist in this family.