Bruce Lee

The Lead Guitarist

In retrospect, Bruce had to be a guitarist for life. Perhaps, that’s how the universe works in accordance with the love and passion he has for the instrument. Initially, a drummer until his 12th grade, Bruce started off playing the Guitar during his fresher year in college and since then, there’s been no looking back. He knew for sure his identity in the music realm was finally found. Bruce won 6 consecutive Best Guitarist awards all thru his College years, at the student and semi-pro level.
A livelier performer on the stage, he has been regarded as a role model by plenty of new stream guitarists. With unrivaled knowledge and passion about guitar, the music resonating from his strings are a class apart.
The one guy who plays JAZZ, BLUES, ROCK, METAL, FUNK, FUSION, GOSPEL, GANA….etc.

  • Drummer to an outstanding guitarist
  • Bruce wons 6 consecutive ‘Best Guitarist’ Awards all thru his college years, at the student and semi-pro level.